Monday, April 20, 2009

Night Before

Hey, just setting this Blog up. Its almost midnight and I'm leaving at 5:00am for flight to Newark then off the Beijing. Karen has worked her tail off to get everything ready for the kids and grandparents ready for the 9 days without Mom and Dad. I will try to Blog every night, this is my first time to ever do this, so I will try to keep it interesting. My Mother told me to have Karen proof read it before I post. What am I still in the 8th grade? I'm a band director Mom not a english professor, so there will be misspelled words and many gramatical mistakes:) So tomorrow we are off for our great adventure to Beijing and Tianjian, China. Thanks to Pat Morrow (former Homewood Band Director) for getting me this once in a lifetime gig. I will post pics every night as well as what we did each day. Hopefully I will not bore you to tears, if anyones actually reads this, except for my Mother, with her read pen out, grading it. See you Wednesday!


  1. Cool bro, have a great trip. Looking forward to hearing what you are up to and seeing pictures. We gotta catch up on the other side when you get back.

  2. This is way cool Coop! I know y'all are going to have the time of your lives! Keep us posted!!

  3. I'll definitely be reading about your adventures. I spent 3 weeks in China last year and it was the most amazing adventure ever! Have fun!!!

    ~Cindy Bertossa-Weger